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Advantages of becoming NAILS cosmetics distributor

1. Comprehensive Product Offering: - High-Quality Formulations: We pride ourselves on offering a wide array of high-quality bases and topcoats, catering to a variety of consistencies to meet the demands of both masters and their clients. - Innovative Design Products: Our portfolio boasts more than 30 design products, continuously updated to reflect the latest trends and customer preferences. - Gel Extension System: Our gel extension system is not only recognized but also highly demanded by the industry's elite, positioning NAILS as a leader in the market. - Extensive Color Palette: With over 600 different shades of gel polish, including classic, reflective, chrome, glitter, and various designs, we cater to every aesthetic preference.

2. Enhanced Marketing Support: - Strategic Marketing Solutions: Our team provides comprehensive marketing support, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive landscape.

3. Exclusive Online Training: - Educational Opportunities: Engage with the founder of the brand and the master of the VIP class, Olga Zeltina, through our exclusive online training sessions. This opportunity allows you to deepen your understanding and mastery of NAILS products, setting you apart in the industry.